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Learn practical concepts by playing
Master JavaScript and Python from beginner to expert with our progressive lessons. We develop a perfect methodology for any stage in a developer's education.
How are you going to learn?
Challenge your knowledge
With our challenge mode test yourself and demonstrate your programming skills through advanced technical challenges. With each challenge completed, you will earn points on the general board, which can lead to job opportunities for companies associated with us.
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Technology as a lifestyle
I started learning programming when I was 15, at a time when there were no bootcamps or academies. I learned by watching English videos on YouTube and playing video games, trying to "hack" them by modifying their code.

We created Not Nini because we lacked guidance starting out in this industry, which was frustrating, but we kept going and got better. Learning to program changed my way of thinking about problems.

Programming isn't just about creating "cool apps", it can also change the world.

If you share my purpose, Not Nini will be useful to you.

¡Happy code and enjoy the Not Nini verse!
Marco Canevaro
Ceo, Not Nini
Together in the code
How Not Nini Elevates Future Developers

Otto Rodriguez

"The truth is that I always had my fears of getting into the world of programming and today, at 37 years old, I gave myself the opportunity to try and it honestly helped me a lot to understand this method that they proposed"

Laura Álvarez

"Amazing platform, I love how I can learn to program while playing. Thanks Not Nini!"

Santiago Navarro

”The challenges helped me a lot to feel more confident in technical interviews. Now I'm not afraid of being asked complicated questions because I've already practiced them in the challenges!"
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The philosophy of Not Nini

Not Nini is not a programming course or a bootcamp, it is the perfect complement to learn and enhance your level of development at any stage of your learning. Regardless of your level, you can take advantage of Not Nini to stand out among other programmers. Getting started is completely free.

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